Deja Riley comes from kick ass pioneer blood as the daughter of The King of New Jack Swing, Teddy Riley.  She is a musician, she had a band with her sisters, The Riley Band.  She plays several instruments.  She's a professional dancer having danced with the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga. She was even a Laker Girl.  She's also a boxer who fused boxing with dance to create "Dance Out of the Box," a fitness method that you can find her teaching on PopSugar.

She's all that AND she's stepping into a leadership position teaching us all to move through the journey of making black lives matter while taking care of our hearts.  She shows us we can be kind, loving, and gentle with our own hearts while kicking ass and making a difference.

Listen in to be inspired to step into true allyship.  



 You'll even hear from and about her dog, O.G.


Find Deja at  Follow her on Insta at Deja Riley AND Deja Riley Athletics

We mention Olympian Louise Hazel of Slay Gym's Open Letter to the Fitness Industry.

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