Ted Lyde is an accomplished actor and stand-up comedian.  He started his popular podcast Learning Not to Swear with Ted Lyde to process all his feelings about parenting, marriage, and living in a world that makes his heart hurt.  In this episode he speaks about how parents have been sold a certain brand of parenthood.  Ted's own Brady Bunch/Bonanza imbued pictures of what fatherhood should look like crashed into the wall of reality when his son was born with special needs.  That son has brought Ted to some heart-opening and heart-healing discoveries that changed him as a husband, parent, and a citizen of the world.

He wishes someone had been honest with him about how gut wrenching it can be, so he lets us all know the real deal with a hilarious and heart-warming delivery. Ted is a true Superhero of Love in a constant quest to heal his own heart as well as the hearts he holds near and dear to him.  He's got a lot of love to share with you too.

The interview was so full of love and Ted-isms, that it had to be broken into two parts.  This is Part 1, and  Part 2 will be released on 7/19/18.

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