Natalie Hampton was bullied for two years at a prestigious private school. She and her parents tried everything to have her remain in the school and stay safe, but the road was difficult, and Natalie has the scars to prove it.  Yet, she rose up from years of abuse to take a stand for the kids who can't fight back, and to provide a real life solution with her Sit With Us App, which gives others like her a chance to stand up against bullies and reach out to those who are being bullied.

At 17, Natalie has already received a plethora of award.  You will find her gracing the same page as Jane Goodall when she was acknowledged by People magazine in the issue celebrating "25 Women Changing the World." and was 2017 Radio Disney Heroes for Change honoree.  

If you have been bullied, or know someone who has, you will want to listen in to her heart of gold wisdom.




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