Fatima Matousse's education was nearly snuffed out when her very religious Muslim father discovered she had not been attending school fully covered as he wished.  Her punishment for being caught was that she could not longer attend school. Due to the kindness and persistence of her classmates and professors and the support of her powerful mother and family, she made her way back to school at age 12, and climbed her way through the education system to become a Moroccan Fulbright scholar.  With that scholarship she attended City College of New York and received an MFA in film.  Her award winning thesis project, Family in Exile, is currently on the festival circuit.  The documentary short film tells the deeply personal story of the women in her family who have risen above the men who have tried hard to oppress them.  

Her upcoming screening at the NewFilmmakers New York Festival will be on Wednesday, 10/24/18.  Keep an eye on Fatima, and watch for Family in Exile in upcoming international festivals, and then for it to become publicly available once she gets a distribution deal!

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