On November 11, 2018, a magical happening occurred in Pasadena, CA.  The event was the first ever LOVE FORWARD TALKS and the title was "Thanks+Love+Giving." Seven speakers gathered to contemplate how we can insert more love into our divided political and personal landscapes, how we can insert more love into our daily lives, into the holidays. This Thanksgiving episode was inspired by that event:  a guided meditation to prepare our hearts for the Thanksgiving and upcoming holidays. 

Our hearts tend to be more tender during these times.  This is a guided meditation that may help you take care of yours.  Enjoy!


Speaking of holidays...You can pre-order Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World now on Amazon and let your gift recipient know that it will arrive in their mailboxes around January 3rd to start their new heart year off right.

Sign up for the Superhero of Love mailing list at superherooflove.com to be in the loop when the next Love Forward Talks is scheduled.  Announcement coming soon!



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