Orna and Matthew Walters worked a lot on themselves before they set out to manifest their life partners.  They had a lot of tools in their toolboxes, and they used them diligently.  They were recovering from - respectively -- childhood abuse and alcoholism, so they had their work cut out for them. They came to the other side of their journeys into each other's arms and with the beginnings of what would become systems for love success. 

They have been widely featured in all media as love experts. Orna and Matthew help women do what they did to manifest each other: heal heart wounds and clear the decks for the love and life you want.

In this episode, they give us some great tips and wisdom that apply to far more than romantic love. The work they do to help women find love can help us all when the heat in our hearts -- for whatever reason -- is turned up to scorching.  Anything that helps us move around this world more able to bump into each other's hearts in a peaceful, loving way is a good thing, and Orna and Matthew give us plenty of that.

Check out Orna and Matthew's work at Love on Purpose.  You don't have to take the long circuitous route to loving and being loved.  You can go directly, with purpose, from Point A (pain) to Point B (love) with their beautiful, uplifting -- and sometimes hilarious -- guidance.

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