Artist Sharon Kagan and Bridget met almost 24 years to the day after they were both featured in an LA Times article that Bridget didn't see until just last week.  The article featured an interview with Bridget when she owned The Angel Store but largely featured a story of Sharon as a Superhero of Love, who created an extraordinary happening in the space next to her art studio:  The Love Chapel.  Curated with love and care, Sharon created a sanctuary that drew visitors from all over the globe who were invited to visit day or night to have an experience of feeling loved.

Sharon is a Superhero of Love for even more reasons, some of which are featured in these photos which you will hear about in the interview -- including tapping into her unknown passion for knitting -- and creating knitted art -- after her mother, a master knitter and embroiderer passed away as a way of healing her heart.

You will also hear a fabulous love story of how she met her husband, artist Terry Holtzgreen who created the table in this photo from reclaimed wood.


Also if you'd like to see a brief interview with Sharon in her studio, which features this magical floor art of Metatron's Cube (also known as The Flower of Life) click here: YouTube Video of Mini Studio Tour with Sharon Kagan



Find Sharon at and follow her on Instagram as Sharon Kagan and Curated LA Culture.


At the end of this episode, you will hear an acknowledgement of Charlotte de la Poole who is the person who sprinkled the breadcrumbs leading to this interview happening.  Her essential oil line can be found here: TanTien Essential Oils

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