Linda Joy's name fits her. She has been a source of joy and inspiration to women around the globe for decades. She is a former welfare mom, high-school dropout and self-professed "queen of self-sabotage," Linda knows first-hand the journey of healing, forgiveness and transformation and the importance of embracing the dreams in your heart.  She believes in the power of possibility and that every woman has the power to transform her life.

Through her numerous inspirational media brands, including the beloved Aspire Magazine, Inspired Living Publishing™, the Inspired Conversations™ radio show, Inspired Living Secrets™ Summit Series and the all new Inspired Living University™: A Sacred Community & Curriculum for Women, Linda has been passionately spreading a message of love, feminine wisdom and self-empowerment since 2006. Her message now reaches over 40,000 subscribers and a thriving social media community.  Learn more at


If you are in the mood to be inspired and fill your heart with joy, listen in -- and share with those you love!

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