Aimee Galicia Torres is in the business of telling stories through her documentary films. Usually she is telling the stories for the people who voices would otherwise not be heard.  Most often they are uplifting stories of people overcoming adversity.

On November 19th she found herself in front of the camera at a press conference, announcing that thanks to a new law in California, she can now sue the priest who molested her between the ages of 8 and 12.

Listen to this inspiring story because you don't know who you may help by listening as states are expanding the time within which one must report abuse. In October, California raised their statute of limitations to age 40.  Earlier this year, New York and New Jersey raised their statutes of limitations to 55. 

People can have a voice.  People can tell their stories, be heard, seek justice and further heal their hearts.  Aimee is a true Superhero of Love.  Find her on Instagram at @shotbyaimee.


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