Ernie G is all about making a difference in this world -- one heart at a time.  He has transformed the lives of over 500,000 teens and college kids.  He's even inspired the hell out of a group of NASA scientists!

If you have a teenager or know a teenager who could use some inspiration, sign them up for Ernie's Teen Empowerment Day 2020 with Ernie G on March 14, 2020: Ernie G's Teen Empowerment Day.  If you'd like to help sponsor a teen to attend, shoot a donation of any size to Ernie G's Venmo for DONATIONS for Teen Day.

Ernie was featured in the movie We Rise Up because he is a force in this world who helps each person that he meets to rise up to their highest, happiest potential. I can't more highly recommend the movie which you can (at least for a short time as of March 2020) view by clicking here now: We Rise Up Movie



Find out how to book Ernie, learn more about him and grab yourself a smile at Ernie G's website and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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