Jess Phoenix ran for Congress this year in California's 25th District.  She is the Democratic daughter of two Republican FBI agents.  She was in high school just up the street from Columbine when what everyone who thought would be the last high school shooting occurred.  She thought the adults would take care of it.  Soon she was an adult, stepping up to make a difference herself. 
Jess deals with climate change every single day as a volcanogist, geologist and with her nonprofit environmental scientific research organization, Blueprint Earth.
In all of her roles - daughter, congressional candidate, scientist, etc. -- she has developed a true gift of finding points of commonality.  Yes, even in the times of extreme dissension and violence, she has a way with our hearts: speaking to them, teaching them and inspiring the hell out of them.
Let's follow Jess's advice: "If we can just show each other more empathy... now that's something we want to go viral."  Post on all social media your tips for finding points of commonality, for being a point of light in your life, bringing LOVE into our current landscape of dissension and division.  Post your tips and tag them:  #ThanksLOVEgiving #loveitforward #superherooflove
Follow Jess on Instagram @volcano.jess, on Facebook @jessphx and on Twitter @jessphoenix2018.  Read all about Blueprint Earth at
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