There couldn't be a more perfect guest for the 100th episode of the Superhero of Love Podcast than Rebecca Winn, bestselling author of One Hundred Daffodils: Finding Beauty, Grace, and Meaning When Things Fall Apart

Rebecca also had her heart torn asunder and discovered her inner Superhero of Love through a path of self-discovery and some challenging inner work. But her path was strewn with beautiful trees, flowers, plants and even animals and insects!  Nature helped her heal and connected her to her divine source.

During these quarantine times, people are turning to the heart-healing properties of nature just like Rebecca has done her whole life. Her book is a botanical elixir for all of our aching hearts - whether you are in crisis, you are supporting someone who is, or you simply have a level of empathy that is causing you pain as the world navigates this crisis.

Rebecca was supposed to be starting a nationwide book tour when the pandemic hit so listen in for how she is handling the quarantine, and how she handled the two enormous heartbreaks that lead her on this healing journey. 

You will likely enjoy Rebecca's reading of heart-soothing excerpts from her book that seem to be written for these exact times upon us now.




At one point in the interview, Rebecca tells the story of how and when this glorious photograph of her garden came about:



Find her book wherever you buy your books or on Amazon.

Rebecca Winn can be found at

Intagram: @rebeccawinn.writer   

Facebook:  and

Twitter: RebeccOWinn


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