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You have a Superhero of Love inside you! Come learn to love and be loved more than ever before + fly high with that Mighty Heart of yours!


Arielle Ford is in the business of helping us FIND, KEEP and BE love.  And she believes very much in "Love in the Time of COVID" and tells us why. She has written eleven books on the subject and just celebrated her 22nd anniversary with the love of her life, so she knows the stuff of love!



Arielle is also the sister of the renowned author/thought leader, Debbie Ford whose work is woven through Superhero of Love, and shares the story of how she brought Debbie's final book, Your Holiness: Discover the Light Within into the world five years after she passed away. 


You can find Arielle, her books and all the free goodies she has to offer us all at

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Deja Riley comes from kick ass pioneer blood as the daughter of The King of New Jack Swing, Teddy Riley.  She is a musician, she had a band with her sisters, The Riley Band.  She plays several instruments.  She's a professional dancer having danced with the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga. She was even a Laker Girl.  She's also a boxer who fused boxing with dance to create "Dance Out of the Box," a fitness method that you can find her teaching on PopSugar.

She's all that AND she's stepping into a leadership position teaching us all to move through the journey of making black lives matter while taking care of our hearts.  She shows us we can be kind, loving, and gentle with our own hearts while kicking ass and making a difference.

Listen in to be inspired to step into true allyship.  



 You'll even hear from and about her dog, O.G.


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We mention Olympian Louise Hazel of Slay Gym's Open Letter to the Fitness Industry.

Lian Dolan knows about sister love.  She and her four sisters have been bringing their behind the scenes chats up front and center first in a radio show, first for WNYC public radio and then ABC radio, and then finally where they are now with their Satellite Sisters podcast.  They talk about life and love and create a beautiful community encouraging people to do as they do: take care of their hearts with the support of family, friends and sometimes even strangers.  

Lian shares how she sought support coming through a personal challenge that hit her life like a meteor sychronistically on the day she delivered the final manuscript of her new book.

She has two LA Times Bestsellers Elizabeth the First Wife, Helen of Pasadena. Her new novel The Sweeney Sisters just came out!  It's about The four daughters of Bill Sweeney who find out at their father's funeral that they have another sibling.  The adventure unfolds from there!






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Alicia Crysta Easter "ACE" is an extraordinary woman who teaches yoga at ACE YOGA LA and at many other venues.  She leads her classes with love and grace but after she posted her own Black Lives Matter verbal manifesto on Instagram Live, she stepped into a leadership position in the BLM movement.  Hearts and souls are aching and exhausted -- including hers.  Yet she leads herself and others each and every day to lead with love, grace, patience and forgiveness.

The audio of her Instagram Live is included in this episode.

Follow @AceYogaLA on Instagram and go to her webiste at to find out how you can check out her classes to experience this gloriousness:






This woman is literally waving her own special brand of magic wand to touch hundreds of hearts each week.  Someone once waved a wand that magically lifted up Simone Gordon when she didn't have the money she needed to feed her special needs son. And, now she pays that blessing forward on a daily basis.  

The pandemic has gravely affected many. Domestic abuse and mental health issues are on the rise.  Unemployment, homelessness and hunger are an every day occurrence, but Simone is doing all she can to end people's suffering and move them one step closer to making their dreams come true. She isn't satisfied with helping people survive today.  She works on moving them toward sustaining themselves for the long term as they move toward creating the lives they truly want.

Simone has been featured in People Magazine and she even won a Webby Award, but her dream has nothing to do with fame, she is on a mission to help as many women as she can as The Black Fairy Godmother, and to start a transition house for victims of domestic abuse.


If you need a respite from the tough news, I invite you to turn your attention to this bright and shining light on our planet, The Black Fairy Godmother. Simone is a true Superhero of Love, helping people lift their hearts out of the darkness and fill with the light and hope that she, her volunteers and donors have to spare for those temporarily less fortunate.

Find her on Instagram at "The Black Fairy Godmother Official" and jump into her magical world with both feet. 

When Hope Hendricks met Ed Bacon met she was on her way to a career as a speech pathologist and he to a career as an attorney. All that changed when God came knocking, and we are so lucky it did because she opened her heart and her mind and they started a beautiful journey that allowed them to both change thousands of lives for the better with love.

Originally from the south, in 2016, they left All Saints Church in Pasadena where he was rector for over 20 years to return to the area.  With a home in Birmingham, AL but a full time gig in Atlanta, they straddle both cities, and are doing their best to "evolve forward" as Ed calls it, through the classism, racism, through this pandemic, through the political dissension.

We are all in what Rev. Ed calls Pandemic University, and now amidst the George Floyd murder and protests, we are all being handed some very trying classes which he and Hope both help guide us through with a heavy dose of love and laughter.  

You will hear about their relationship, how they navigate with love through even the difficult times weathering internal and external storms with a lot of grace...and laughter.

This interview dives deep but it also grabs your heart and promises to lift you up, up, up during these very trying times.

Rev. Ed's book (which Oprah Winfrey loved and celebrated) also couldn't be a more timely and helpful read.  Get it now wherever you buy your books for a major uplift for your heart and soul:



You will hear Rev. Ed speak about the event of June 1st with Dr. Catherine Meeks.  Click here to view the recording: "Time of Lament" with Rev. Bacon + Dr. Meeks

Just being in Debra Poneman's presence you want to say "YES!" to whatever it is she's inviting you to do.  Now, after a few decades away from her extraordinarily successful, world-renowned "YES TO SUCCESS" program, she is bringing it back in June of 2020, upgraded and updated for our current times - yes, even these quarantine times!  The timing couldn't be more perfect for her to invite us to jump into a world with her where everything is possible, where we can say yes to our heart's desires, yes to our highest version of success.

Go to Debra's website at to download this e-book to get a taste of her upcoming program, and find out more about Deb.


Saying YES during these contemplative, life-altering times is even more powerful, more poignant, and may be exactly what your heart could use. You can do her new YES TO SUCCESS program from anywhere!


Every Superhero of Love heart needs a respite sometime.  And, this pandemic is touching many of the wounded places in our hearts causing pain, stress, fear, sadness, anger -- all of which thwart our ability to love and be loved.  

Give your Superhero heart a little break, and tap into this episode for a brief guided meditation designed to each all of our hearts back into living and loving with a little more of a golden spark.

Let your inner Supehero of Love have a little break, press play and relaaaaaaax....


Sunne Justice leaves a trail of love and beauty wherever she goes.  She was a high fashion model in New York, worked at Vogue, L'Oreal and then earned well-deserved renown for being the "Chief Pollinator" who grew the Burt's Bees brand into a household name.  She's about to launch a brand new skincare line called Love Daily.

Loving daily is Sunne's business, as you will learn when you read her new book Mugged by God: A Journey from Holy Shit to Holy which follows her fast-paced harrowing journey from high fashion to high love, from childhood through four husbands, and what has to be a record-breaking number of near death escapes.




Check out Sunne and her new book at Mugged By God

Find out more about Sunne's retreat house in Panama:  Soul House Panama

Soon you will get to learn more about her her brand new skin product care line at Love Daily Skincare.


You will hear her walk Bridget through this divine forgiveness exercise help you LOVE more DAILY!


I love you.

I forgive you.

Please forgive me.

Let’s forgive each other.

Let’s forgive ourselves.

Jerry Thomas is a true Superhero of Love who takes care of our hearts by guiding us to our soul purpose by using a unique method weaving together his expertise and wisdom in the arenas of mysticism, Vedic astrology, metaphysics, Jungian psychology, and evolutionary personal counseling.  He is a former monk and a former Vietnam vet.  He is an MIT graduate, a former marriage therapist, and an author of several books. He loves leading all our hearts toward love.

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