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You have a Superhero of Love inside you! Come learn to love and be loved more than ever before + fly high with that Mighty Heart of yours!

Reverend Ed Bacon, the author of 8 Habits of Love: Overcome Fear and Transform Your Life  is a source of nearly constant Superhero of Love inspiration.  He was featured on Episode #7 of this podcast, and will soon be appearing again with his beloved wife of 49 years, Hope Hendricks-Bacon who is a kick-ass inspiring woman making a difference with hearts far and wide as well.

This week Rev. Ed inspired at the memorial for our mutual friend, Adelaide Hixon, who died at 101 after leading an inspiring Superhero of Love life. (The photo of a butterfly I gave her during one visit that match her bedding.)  Their friendship inspired The Butterfly Love Effect.  



This is a very short episode that we hope will inspire the heck out of people to spread a little love by starting their wings a-fluttering and instigating the Butterfly Love Effect in their own lives.

You may want this little jpg bit of stationary when you are done listening to start your own Butterfly Love Effect!





Carol Allen is a magical creature who happens to know a shit ton about Vedic Astrology, relationships, love and all things heart-related.  She helps people pave a smooth path to having their heart's desires by looking at the stars.  Check out her work at Love is in the Stars and don't forget to sign up for her newsletter that everyone loves1

There is magic in the air for Valentine's Day -- no matter how coupled or uncoupled you may be.  

And for some extra fun, after you hear this episode, click here to listen to the teleseminar mentioned to hear what's in the stars for you --  and all 12 signs this year: Replay of the "Love Is In The Stars Radio – What’s in the Stars for 2020?" with Carol Allen (originally recorded 2/1/20).

Check out Carol's amazing Valentine's Day 2-for-1 Special!

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Renata "Ren" Maniaci has just come out of "The Angel Closet," throwing all their angel love and devotion out there to be seen and heard by all on their magnificent and powerful podcast Let's Get Metaphysical.  After just one episode it was clear to Bridget that Ren has a very unique balance -- male/female, brain/heart -- they bring to their words and thoughts about all things metaphysical.

Hear about their journey from scientific to spiritual, from the government work to healing touch, from the U.S. to Costa Rica, from singledom to parenting with their beloved partner.  It's a fun romp with Ren.  Enjoy!

Find Ren at Let's Get Metaphysical Podcast and  

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Nicole C. Ayers has been playing with words as long as she can remember. She loves editing for her clients at Ayers Edits but now she is touching hearts with her own writing inspired by her own journey to loving her body. 
Nicole has three books that will be out on February 21, 2020: Love Notes to My Body, Love Letters to My Body: Writing My Way to (Self-)Love, and Writing Your Way to (Self-)Love: A Guided Journal to Help You Love Your Body, One Part at a Time. There is so much to love in these books including the amazing illustrations by Nicole's dear friend Mica Gadhia which help open our hearts even wider to Nicole's inspiring words.

Find Nicole and her books at and connect with her on Instagram: @nicolecayers

"We are allowed to hope."

Becca Stevens is a true Superhero of Love in the daily business of healing hearts.  She is an author of the book Love Heals. She is a priest in Nashville, Tennessee, but luckily she also regularly comes to All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA where Bridget met her. 

Over 20 years ago she started Thistle Farms, an international nonprofit organization to provide a sanctuary and healing for women survivors of prostitution, trafficking and addiction. She and her superhero work have been featured in the New York Times, PBS, ABC World News, NPR, and CNN. She leads with hope.  She leads with love.

Becca talks about why she started Thistle Farms, how she is committed to healing south of our borders with her Thistle Farms Global projects.  She talks about freedom and dance and how she follows the divine breadcrumbs to keep herself dancing. 

Find Becca and learn more about Thistle Farms.  Her sermon The Invitation to Freedom in Our Lives at All Saints Church Pasadena can be found here on YouTube.  
Becca wanted everyone to check out The Monkey Project, a wonderful Peruvian project that Thistle Farms is supporting and that she talks about in this interview as well.
Discover composer Jacob Narverud, whose song is featured at the end of the Podcast. Dance Your Dance was sung by the All Saints choir on November 10, 2019. An excerpt from Becca's sermon on that same date is featured as well.  Check out the words to Dance Your Dance:
Who knows why dolphins leap for joy?
Or eagles fly to the sun?
We should be light as the morning air
But who can tell us how?
Ask the wind
Ask the wave
Ask everything that flies or sings
Ask the moon
Ask the stars
Ask the brave one who fights for Love
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Our lungs were made for singing
Our legs were made to climb
Our arms will open wide enough to welcome the whole bright world
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Drop your worries to the floor
And kick them to the corner hard
Then march to the center of the space you have cleared
Grab hands and dance in joy
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Dance your Dance in Joy




Christina Dunbar didn't feel like she had a voice for a very long time.  She came here with her family from Russia as a young child, a fish out of water. She took silent solace in ballet until her body blossomed in such a way that she could no longer follow her ballerina dreams. Her life twisted and turned in such a way that she became a stripper to support herself. 

Life events then gave her back her voice, inspiring her to tell her own stories. Now she leads women through the healing and empowering process of birthing the stories in their hearts through her renowned Los Angeles workshops, and brings some of them even to public stages with She Takes the Stage and Red.  She brought her own story, one-woman show Dirty Me Divine to stages in Los Angeles, San Francisco and soon will be bringing it to New York.

Visit Christina at her website:

Happy New Year episode made all the happier by this extraordinary woman, Nadia Salamanca, who has endured several dramatic tragedies in her life and yet you would never know it. She doesn't even appear to be singed by the fires -- including the burning down of her home and studio in the Thomas Fire in 2018.  She is a bright beautiful light and she inspires women far and wide with her work.

Find out more about Nadia and her Spark & Ignite It program at her site:

Click here to view the video that Nadia's husband, Mikki Willis, made that we refer to in the interview: What if Your Son Chose This?

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It's that time of year when pictures of what life should look like -- for the holidays, in that life review that happens at year end -- comes crashing up against what life is.

One of the five superpowers in Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World is SUPER ALIGNMENT where our life supports our connection to the divine, to our highest self.

Check in to your own heart in this short episode celebrating SupervAlignment, as Bridget closes out this year of the podcast to go work on her Super Alignment and start 2020 with even more love in her heart.

Aimee Galicia Torres is in the business of telling stories through her documentary films. Usually she is telling the stories for the people who voices would otherwise not be heard.  Most often they are uplifting stories of people overcoming adversity.

On November 19th she found herself in front of the camera at a press conference, announcing that thanks to a new law in California, she can now sue the priest who molested her between the ages of 8 and 12.

Listen to this inspiring story because you don't know who you may help by listening as states are expanding the time within which one must report abuse. In October, California raised their statute of limitations to age 40.  Earlier this year, New York and New Jersey raised their statutes of limitations to 55. 

People can have a voice.  People can tell their stories, be heard, seek justice and further heal their hearts.  Aimee is a true Superhero of Love.  Find her on Instagram at @shotbyaimee.




Richard L. Sarnat, M.D. has a new book out!  So we are bringing back his interview from one year ago where he discusses his work, including publishing peer-reviewed medical studies of the miracles he has witnessed and studied. 

Find more about Dr. Rick and the book at Buy the book now at Amazon.






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