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You have a Superhero of Love inside you! Come learn to love and be loved more than ever before + fly high with that Mighty Heart of yours!

Jen Kramer is an average every day human with one caveat. She has a tremendously gigantic heart.  
As Jen looked at ways to best impact her year in 2018, she created the “Year of Love” as a way to share and express her love for all people (both those she knew, and had yet to know!). 
Jen lives on the north side of Chicago. She is actively involved and on the board of Special Olympics in Chicago. Jen loves the Chicago food scene, is a theater junkie and loves a bike ride on her beloved lakefront. 
Find out more about Jen and the Year of Love at

Carol Allen is not just a Vedic Astrologer who knows her stars, she is also an amazing relationship coach who has studied relationships from every angle so she can gently guide people to find their soulmates, and take care of their hearts on their journeys. 

She is hilarious and is quick to laugh so it will be hard to not have a smile on your face when you listen to her chat about her tips, wisdom and tools to help people navigate not just the land of love and the stars above us, but also these crazy heart-wrenching times in which we live.

Carol has been a featured expert on hundreds of local and nationally syndicated radio shows and global telesummits, and has been seen on CBS NewsEXTRADr. Drew’s LifechangersBridezillas, and an E! Television special. Her writings have been in many books, journals and magazines.  Find out more about her body of work, her easy access Vedic Astrology readings, and sign up for her wonderful newsletter at


Kathryn Alice was a single mom for 10 years before meeting her soulmate Jon, and is considered one of the U.S.’s foremost experts on soulmates & dating. Author of the bestseller Love Will Find You, she teaches around the world and is responsible for thousands of people recovering from heartbreak and finding the love of their lives. 

Kathryn is in the business of healing hearts so she and Bridget talk about how she and her family are dealing with losing her home in the Malibu fires, how she helps people to the other side of suicidal thoughts, how she guides single moms through parenting and finding their soulmates. Kathryn leads Bridget through an exercise that you can do too when you listen! 

Find Kathryn Alice on her website at


Sara Schulting-Kranz of Live Boldly Coaching takes people who have suffered trauma or loss on healing hikes of a lifetime in the Grand Canyon.  She took the first blind woman, a veteran whose traumatic brain injury left her blind, through a record-breaking hike.  She leads everyone to the other side of their trauma and loss to a place where they can live and love boldly again.  Her book and a documentary about her work should be gracing our bookshelves and movie screens in 2020.

Listen in to our conversation and then check out her upcoming workshops and events at


Gwyneth Paltrow launched "conscious uncoupling" into the collective consciousness in 2014 when she announced her separation from Chris Martin. In 2015, its inventor Katherine Woodward Thomas' book of that title Conscious Uncoupling: The Five Steps to Living Happily Even After came out, and became a New York Times bestseller, just like her first book Calling in "The One": 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life.  

Katherine is a delight -- generous with her wisdom and will likely make you laugh and ponder, while giving you useful tips to deal with heartache of all kinds.  She talks about her both of her books and at the end makes an exciting announcement about something she is doing at the end of January, 2019!

Find Katherine at and and buy both of her NYT bestsellers anywhere that you buy books. 



Sister Dr. Jenna is a world renowned speaker and meditation teacher whose radio show America Meditating is healing our world one new meditator at a time.  She is the director of two Meditation Museums in Silver Spring, Maryland and McLean, Virginia, the prolific producer of meditation CDs and travels the world bring more peace to souls and love into hearts.

We have a great chat about managing our hearts during these chaotic times.  She will make you laugh and she will make you feel more at peace by the end of the interview too. What a great way to start the new year!

Find Sister Dr. Jenna at America Meditating and on Twitter at @AmericaMeditate​ and her meditation museums at Meditation Museum.


Susan Segal was driving her daughter to school one day when a city bus had to swerve into her BMW in order to miss a runaway truck.  Her daughter, Alyce, stepped out of the impossible wreckage and was miraculously unscathed. Susan required a laborious extrication from the vehicle and barely survived, having broken nearly every bone in her body, including her neck.  Today, she is the picture of health and her husband Doug Segal tells the story of how and why she is today a walking miracle in his book Struck: A Husband's Memoir of Trauma and Triumph (Prospect Park Books, September 2018)

You can guess it: they are Superheroes of Love.  The Segal family believes in the power of love, the unique love of friends, family and complete strangers in a time of crisis, and its ability to bring Susan through this healing saga that could have, at hundreds of points in time, taken a sharp turn toward a far darker end of this story.

You will hear from Doug, Susan and their son Michael, whose life was, of course, also struck by this tragedy-turned-miracle story of love.

Find the book wherever you buy your books and find Doug at


Allana Pratt is an intimacy expert who has coached thousands to open their hearts to love, healing and stepping into their most kick-ass power.  She has authored three books and talks about her latest -- just out this November -- 7 Steps to Manifest Your Beloved: While Staying True to Yourself  Allana generously gives us many real life tips during this episode.  She has a way of teaching through hilarious yet heart-centered stories.  If you know someone who has recently gone through a brutal divorce, pass this on to them. If you would like to have your heart opened up a little bit more, tune in for yourself.  

You can find Allana, her books, her inspiring videos (that make you feel like you are with her - live - in that moment even if viewed years later!), classes, and more at

Allana is a Superhero of Love, so you will want to stay in touch with her refreshing, sometimes hilarious and always whip ass smart intimacy inspirations.


And, don't forget... Superhero of Love will be out January 1, 2019.  You can pre-order it now wherever you buy your books.  Also, go check out all the videos from the recent Love Forward Talks event that happened on November 11, 2018 in Pasadena, CA.  The book and the talks are all about helping us all love and be loved more than ever. 


Kelly Notaras had an illustrious career in publishing. Right out of college she jumped into Avon Books (which subsequently folded into Harper Collins) in New York City as an editor and worked her way up, up, up until she started her own business kn Literary which is the company she created to help shepherd the dearly beloved books we all have inside us -- that we were as the title of her book says "born to write. Check out her brand new book: The Book You Were Born to Write.

The conversation covers how Kelly's "shepherd fairy" duties - as both 1) shepherd helping carry the emotional load for authors  and 2) fairy godmother seeing the beauty and magic in each of our stories -- span into her personal life.  Kelly generously gave up over a year of her life to help shepherd her friend and partner through dying and death.  This is the article she mentions that began as a Facebook post and went viral: Self Magazine article "Doing Death Differently"

During the interview a major "aha" moment erupted in screams when it was discovered that it was an article by Kelly about the 25 publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts that got Bridget her publishing deal!  That article is no longer available via google search, but Kelly did say that you can sign up for kn Literary's email list and you will get it!

If you feel you have a book in you, this is a MUST LISTEN episode!

Don't forget Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World is now available for pre-order wherever you get your books.  And, please check out the videos now available of the fabulous talks that took place at Love Forward Talks event in Pasadena, CA on 11/11/18 at!



Actor/Comedian Ted Lyde has a popular podcast Learning Not to Swear with Ted Lyde which he started out of the period in his life that he speaks about in this hilarious yet deeply moving talk.  You will laugh but you may want to have a tissue nearby too.

This talk was given at the first ever Love Forward Talks on November 11, 2018 at the Boston Court Pasadena theatre.  The title of these talks was Thanks+Love+Giving and it explored how we can infuse more love into our divided communities, families, our holiday tables, etc. You can find the video of this talk -- and watch Ted in all his glory --- on YouTube on the Superhero of Love channel.  You can also watch it on the Love Forward Talks website  and see lots of pictures from the event too!

Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World is now available for pre-sale!  Check it out wherever you buy your books.


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