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You have a Superhero of Love inside you! Come learn to love and be loved more than ever before + fly high with that Mighty Heart of yours!

Sunne Justice leaves a trail of love and beauty wherever she goes.  She was a high fashion model in New York, worked at Vogue, L'Oreal and then earned well-deserved renown for being the "Chief Pollinator" who grew the Burt's Bees brand into a household name.  She's about to launch a brand new skincare line called Love Daily.

Loving daily is Sunne's business, as you will learn when you read her new book Mugged by God: A Journey from Holy Shit to Holy which follows her fast-paced harrowing journey from high fashion to high love, from childhood through four husbands, and what has to be a record-breaking number of near death escapes.




Check out Sunne and her new book at Mugged By God

Find out more about Sunne's retreat house in Panama:  Soul House Panama

Soon you will get to learn more about her her brand new skin product care line at Love Daily Skincare.


You will hear her walk Bridget through this divine forgiveness exercise help you LOVE more DAILY!


I love you.

I forgive you.

Please forgive me.

Let’s forgive each other.

Let’s forgive ourselves.

Jerry Thomas is a true Superhero of Love who takes care of our hearts by guiding us to our soul purpose by using a unique method weaving together his expertise and wisdom in the arenas of mysticism, Vedic astrology, metaphysics, Jungian psychology, and evolutionary personal counseling.  He is a former monk and a former Vietnam vet.  He is an MIT graduate, a former marriage therapist, and an author of several books. He loves leading all our hearts toward love.

Read more about Jerry's very special retreats at

Order your very own Soul Blueprint and learn more about Jerry's work at



There couldn't be a more perfect guest for the 100th episode of the Superhero of Love Podcast than Rebecca Winn, bestselling author of One Hundred Daffodils: Finding Beauty, Grace, and Meaning When Things Fall Apart

Rebecca also had her heart torn asunder and discovered her inner Superhero of Love through a path of self-discovery and some challenging inner work. But her path was strewn with beautiful trees, flowers, plants and even animals and insects!  Nature helped her heal and connected her to her divine source.

During these quarantine times, people are turning to the heart-healing properties of nature just like Rebecca has done her whole life. Her book is a botanical elixir for all of our aching hearts - whether you are in crisis, you are supporting someone who is, or you simply have a level of empathy that is causing you pain as the world navigates this crisis.

Rebecca was supposed to be starting a nationwide book tour when the pandemic hit so listen in for how she is handling the quarantine, and how she handled the two enormous heartbreaks that lead her on this healing journey. 

You will likely enjoy Rebecca's reading of heart-soothing excerpts from her book that seem to be written for these exact times upon us now.




At one point in the interview, Rebecca tells the story of how and when this glorious photograph of her garden came about:



Find her book wherever you buy your books or on Amazon.

Rebecca Winn can be found at

Intagram: @rebeccawinn.writer   

Facebook:  and

Twitter: RebeccOWinn


There's no time like a quarantine time to "GET YOUR BOTHER ON!" 

Jennifer Louden has a history of creating life-transforming best-seller books to help us all become even more powerful Superheroes of Love.  In her brand new book Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What's Next" she leads us to uncover the "why bother?" mantra that is silently running our lives and tap into those beautiful desires we all have that will bring the wind back up under our wings so we can really fly -- and even, dare we say, make a difference in the world?  Yes, even from inside our very own quarantined homes!


Read more about Jen at Find her on Instagram and Facebook and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, once you buy her book, take your receipt to the "WHY BOTHER?" section of her website to get your FREE GIFTS!

Will Crossley did amazing things with his education a The Piney Woods School. He went off to become a successful attorney and political appointee. He could have done anything with his education, gifts and experience but he was called back to his roots at Piney Woods to serve as its fifth president, the first alumnus to serve in this role.



He is following in the schools founder, Laurence C. Jones' footsteps as he leads with the school's core values including LOVE.  Yes, one of the school's core values is LOVE!

He is right now guiding the hearts and minds of his students from afar as they were quarantined while on spring break.  It is hard to not be inspired by Will Crossley because you can feel it in your bones when you listen to him that he truly does lead with love, and with an even deeper fervor perhaps now in the middle of this quarantine.

Prepare to be inspired by this giant heart!  




Jody Savin is an accomplished screenwriter and film producer who graduated from Princeton and the American Film Institute.  But two heart-holding projects plucked her from the entertainment industry into the world of apps and books.

She has created an amazing app with Cybersecurity & Privacy expert Hemu Nigam that can help us take care of ourselves and each other during this pandemic.  Hear how this app came about and how it can help us all in this conversation wtih Jody. 


You will also hear about her brand new book, Stitched & Sewn: The Life-Saving Art of Holocaust Survivor Trudie Strobel from Prospect Park Books which came out on April 7, 2020 about the life and art of Trudie Strobel who was interviewed in Episode 2 of this Superhero of Love Podcast!


Prospect Park Books is offering 20% off the price of the book with the CODE "FREE20," and they are delighted to send this directly to your home so you can stay safe and read about the beautiful story and art of beloved master embroiderer, Trudie Strobel.


Find out more about Syndesy at and download it today in the Apple App Store!

Photo Credit for Jody Savin's headshot: Ann Cutting

Photo Credit for Jody Savin and Trudie Strobel picture: Randy Miller

Have you searched online for a "COVID Map" to give you the details on where your area stands in the pandemic?

Have you been getting more and more texts and emails with "deals" lately?

Have you -- or someone you know -- been "ZOOM Bombed"?

And, most importantly, are you wondering how you can protect yourself and help protect others during these extraordinary times?  

This episode's guest, Hemu Nigam, says we need to be more vigilant and proactive than ever. But he gives us plenty of tips and tools -- including his new app SYNDESY -- to help us navigate these extraordinary times.


Hemu is one of the top Cybersecurity & Privacy experts in the world who is often seen on CNN and other major news outlets as an expert in online security and privacy.  He was one of the country's first online crimes prosecutors against hackers and child predators at the U.S. Department of Justice. 

Hemu's company, Cyber Security Affairs, provides legal counsel and strategic advice on cutting edge online privacy and security issues. So, when Jody Savin came to him with the idea for an app that could help people feel more secure in the way they connect in the world, he was intrigued.  They started developing Syndesy -- their app that just launched this week -- and soon realized that it had a timely use in helping to control the spread of the coronavirus.  

We hope you will want to download Syndesy by the end of this podcast.  Find it at the Apple App Store.

Find out more about Syndesy at  

Small businesses are being hit hard by this pandemic.  Meet two kick-ass giant-hearted small business owners, Elisa Bruley of Elisa B. and Jill Yukawa Pearson of Homage in Old Town Pasadena.  They share their stories, not unlike the stories of many passionate entrepreneurs who are hurting right now.  

A great discussion on what's behind these storefronts we all know and love, and some lovely wisdom on how we might be able to support our favorite stores during this difficult time.

Elisa and Jill are two giant-hearted store owners who give so much love and attention to their customers and to their community.  Here they are at the beginning of their careers - Elisa with her mom on the day her store opened on July 15, 1993, and Jill (on the left in this photo) as a child in her first foray into jewelry-making and sales!


Elisa_7_15_93.jpeg Jill_Jewelry_Childhood.jpg



Find Elisa B. at and on Instagram at @myelisab

Find Homage at and on Instagram at @homagepasadena





BONUS: That time when Elisa's husband, artist Robert Bonk ( interrupted the podcast with a hilarious photo-bomb:



Jan Casebolt Walsh is a walking, talking, breathing, dancing and living-in-joy medical miracle!  She would have been having heart surgery to try to extend her life that was being slowly compromised by Sarcoidosis (a disease that has plagued many first responders at 9/11) had she not had a medically documented miracle.



Listen in if you know anyone suffering from Sarcoidosis, the disease that ended up tragically cutting Bernie Mac's life short. 

Jan refers to the Oprah interview with Bernie Mac's widow -- Oprah Episode with Benie Mac's Widow as well as the video available of Master John Douglas Workshop from 2015 (which mentions Jan's Healing). You can read more about the book mentioned here: Medical Miracles Book.

Follow Jan at Jan's Facebook Page: Sarcoidosis Miracle

And, most importantly, we invite you to CLICK THIS: Free Global Healing with Master John Douglas (3/21/20 Recording).  As mentioned in the interview, every time you listen, you are helping not only yourself, receiving thousands of blessings, but you help the planet right now in this time of epic suffering.

Dr. Christopher Hartnett started the first VOIP provider, Global Link USA, in the early 90's and grew it into a billion dollar company. He was also extremely ill at the height of his success and for many years. He and his wife Linda searched the globe for years for a cure. Luckily their path led them to Master John Douglas and Chris' vibrant health. So he knows his miracles!

If you have been touched by COVID-19 -- either body, heart, soul or bank account -- you'll want to hear this conversation and preview of the Master John Douglas teleseminar coming this Saturday, March 21st at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET.  
UPDATE:  You can view the recording at
If you love this conversation with Chris, you may want to listen to the first Superhero of Love episode with him where he gives some great advice navigating the topic of karma, among other wisdom:
Chris mentions "Emotional Repair"  To check it out click for the 3 1/2 minute angelic process from Master John Douglas:
Also mentioned is Renata Maniaci's Let's Get Metaphysical podcast interview with Dr. Hartnett:

Disclaimer: Always seek immediate medical care for serious or emergency health and medical conditions, including psychological issues such as suicidal thoughts or impulses.  Call 9-1-1. The statements and advice offered in this communication are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition and are not substitutes for prudent medical care offered by a licensed medical professional.  References to healing or treatments in this communication are describing faith-based blessings performed by God and the Master Healing Angels.  They are not performed by any individual or affiliate of CMA International Foundation or the Church of the Master Angels.  Neither CMA International Foundation, the Church of the Master Angels, nor any of their affiliates, speakers or representatives offer medical advice and they are not medical organizations or doctors.  None of the statements made and advice offered in this communication have been independently evaluated by the medical community or the United States Food and Drug Administration.  Neither CMA International Foundation, the Church of the Master Angels, nor any of their affiliates, speakers or representatives provide any warranty of any kind that any product or service any of them may recommend will be safe, appropriate or effective for any specific individual.


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