When Hope Hendricks met Ed Bacon met she was on her way to a career as a speech pathologist and he to a career as an attorney. All that changed when God came knocking, and we are so lucky it did because she opened her heart and her mind and they started a beautiful journey that allowed them to both change thousands of lives for the better with love.

Originally from the south, in 2016, they left All Saints Church in Pasadena where he was rector for over 20 years to return to the area.  With a home in Birmingham, AL but a full time gig in Atlanta, they straddle both cities, and are doing their best to "evolve forward" as Ed calls it, through the classism, racism, through this pandemic, through the political dissension.

We are all in what Rev. Ed calls Pandemic University, and now amidst the George Floyd murder and protests, we are all being handed some very trying classes which he and Hope both help guide us through with a heavy dose of love and laughter.  

You will hear about their relationship, how they navigate with love through even the difficult times weathering internal and external storms with a lot of grace...and laughter.

This interview dives deep but it also grabs your heart and promises to lift you up, up, up during these very trying times.

Rev. Ed's book (which Oprah Winfrey loved and celebrated) also couldn't be a more timely and helpful read.  Get it now wherever you buy your books for a major uplift for your heart and soul:



You will hear Rev. Ed speak about the event of June 1st with Dr. Catherine Meeks.  Click here to view the recording: "Time of Lament" with Rev. Bacon + Dr. Meeks

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