Just being in Debra Poneman's presence you want to say "YES!" to whatever it is she's inviting you to do.  Now, after a few decades away from her extraordinarily successful, world-renowned "YES TO SUCCESS" program, she is bringing it back in June of 2020, upgraded and updated for our current times - yes, even these quarantine times!  The timing couldn't be more perfect for her to invite us to jump into a world with her where everything is possible, where we can say yes to our heart's desires, yes to our highest version of success.

Go to Debra's website at yestosuccess.com to download this e-book to get a taste of her upcoming program, and find out more about Deb.


Saying YES during these contemplative, life-altering times is even more powerful, more poignant, and may be exactly what your heart could use. You can do her new YES TO SUCCESS program from anywhere!


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