This woman is literally waving her own special brand of magic wand to touch hundreds of hearts each week.  Someone once waved a wand that magically lifted up Simone Gordon when she didn't have the money she needed to feed her special needs son. And, now she pays that blessing forward on a daily basis.  

The pandemic has gravely affected many. Domestic abuse and mental health issues are on the rise.  Unemployment, homelessness and hunger are an every day occurrence, but Simone is doing all she can to end people's suffering and move them one step closer to making their dreams come true. She isn't satisfied with helping people survive today.  She works on moving them toward sustaining themselves for the long term as they move toward creating the lives they truly want.

Simone has been featured in People Magazine and she even won a Webby Award, but her dream has nothing to do with fame, she is on a mission to help as many women as she can as The Black Fairy Godmother, and to start a transition house for victims of domestic abuse.


If you need a respite from the tough news, I invite you to turn your attention to this bright and shining light on our planet, The Black Fairy Godmother. Simone is a true Superhero of Love, helping people lift their hearts out of the darkness and fill with the light and hope that she, her volunteers and donors have to spare for those temporarily less fortunate.

Find her on Instagram at "The Black Fairy Godmother Official" and jump into her magical world with both feet. 

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