Lian Dolan knows about sister love.  She and her four sisters have been bringing their behind the scenes chats up front and center first in a radio show, first for WNYC public radio and then ABC radio, and then finally where they are now with their Satellite Sisters podcast.  They talk about life and love and create a beautiful community encouraging people to do as they do: take care of their hearts with the support of family, friends and sometimes even strangers.  

Lian shares how she sought support coming through a personal challenge that hit her life like a meteor sychronistically on the day she delivered the final manuscript of her new book.

She has two LA Times Bestsellers Elizabeth the First Wife, Helen of Pasadena. Her new novel The Sweeney Sisters just came out!  It's about The four daughters of Bill Sweeney who find out at their father's funeral that they have another sibling.  The adventure unfolds from there!






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