His company’s name is Extreme Leadership Institute, and bestselling author Steve Farber is as powerful as his company’s name implies.

He also has the giant heart and magical powers of Tinkerbell, and he's not afraid to admit that he shares her core value: Love.

In this episode, Steve talks about the magic he has created or observed in extremely successful businesses who lead with love, infuse love into their businesses and invest in what makes their customers feel loved because, as he says,  “Love is just damn good business.”



It’s the name of his most recent book (Love is Just Damn Good Business: Do What You Love in the Service of the People Who Love What You Do), and the name of his podcast.

We invite you to leap into this inspiring conversation with Steve.  LEAP, you ask?  Yes, LEAP like his previous bestselling book's title portends:  The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership.  Steve brings our attention to this love-based inspiring acronym wherever he goes -- including in this episode:

 Cultivate Love

Generate Energy

Inspire Audacity

Provide Proof

You don't have to own or run a business to get value from Steve's love lessons.  His advice is for all Superheroes of Love who want to make a difference in the world. The love we bring into our work lives spills into our personal lives, affects friends, family and beyond. 

So tune in for a love tune-up!

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