After we finished recording EPISODE 14 with Superhero of Love Natalie Hampton who rose from the ashes of enduring two years of being bullied at her prestigious private school, it was clear we needed to hear how her parents navigated these stormy heart waters as well. No parent wants to see their child suffer.  No parent thinks they can support their child in just the right way when their emotional and physical health are at stake.  Listen to Scott and Carolyn share how they got through this and helped Natalie stand strong on her own two feet, while doing their best to support her through these treacherous times. They also ended up deepening their family bonds as a result.  

Natalie Hampton also pops in for a brief story in this episode as well, giving even more reason to love and respect her.

Please pass on this episode to any parent you might know as there may be something they will be able to use one day when they end up trying to help their child through rough emotional times. 


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