There is a ray of sunshine in our justice system and actress Melissa Fitzgerald makes it shine even more brightly. 

Melissa played Carol on the television series West Wing for seven years.  In 2013 she abruptly left her successful Hollywood career to move to Washington, D.C. to serve as the new Senior Director at Justice for Vets, a division of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP).  She wasn''t new to fighting for justice, nor was she new to bringing light to the struggles of our returning vets (See the documentary she co-executive produced from 2011 Halfway Home), nor was she a stranger to the tragedies of drug addiction, having lost a dear friend to an overdose. She now works  at the intersection of all these worlds and her stories are bound to make your heart happy.  

Listen in for some good news. These treatment courts are making a difference, reducing crime and costs while uplifting individuals, families and communities on the path to justice being served for all.

To read more after you listen to Melissa's uplifting words and stories:   NADCP Website. To stay in touch via Twitter: NADCP on Twitter and Justice for Vets on TwitterMelissa Fitzgerald on Twitter and to see the Advancing Justice video we mention featuring Melissa and Sesame Street's Elmo: Advancing Justice Partnership with Sesame Street.

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