Debra Poneman was at the peak of her career when she put the brakes on the successful transformational train she was riding.  She is the Founder/CEO of Yes to Success, Inc., which has helped thousands of people transform their lives with what were then considered radical ideas like "your thoughts create your reality." 


Now a best selling author, world renowned speaker and seminar leader, Debra has taken the idea of success to a whole new level as she has given birth to her new endeavor aptly named:  The NEW Success – A Revolution.  

Debra has a contagious optimism that is fully grounded by decades of meditation and motherhood.  Moms will love her parenting stories, but everyone will be able to grab a helpful trick, tool or golden nugget of inspiration from her.

Find her at and

And.... BREAKING NEWS! Follow Superhero of Love on Facebook for the very big announcement of an amazing live event that Debra will be part of on November 11, 2018 in Pasadena, CA!

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