Patti Pagliei followed her heart after she lost her dot com job.  She's starting creating beautiful things.  Soon what touched her heart as she created her art was touching the hearts of thousands. Her companies Waxing Poetic and Personally Poetic have touched hundreds of thousands at this point with the beauty and poetry she instills in every piece. 

Patti talks about overcoming many challenges - cancer, the fires, floods and mudslides of Santa Barbra, nurturing her family through health scares, and all that can possibly thwart a precious "tiny and mighty" idea for a business that has grown up to make a huge difference in people's lives.

Patti mentioned this poem (by Waxing Poetics in house poet, Brianna Colburn) during the interview which is emblematic of how she lives her life and runs her business:

Be brave, be bright, be brilliant, be wild.

Roses have managed it for centuries, so can we.


Also you will hear mention of Patti's amazing husband, John Simpson, an entrepreneur himself, who expresses his artistic self via music.  The exciting upcoming gig she mentions is Saturday, 11/17 at 8 p.m. at Lobero Theatre.  Check out the The Double Wide Kings Play Neil Young.

Check out their store The Shopkeepers when you are next in Santa Barbara. You will feel Patti's heart beating in every corner!


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