Kelly Notaras had an illustrious career in publishing. Right out of college she jumped into Avon Books (which subsequently folded into Harper Collins) in New York City as an editor and worked her way up, up, up until she started her own business kn Literary which is the company she created to help shepherd the dearly beloved books we all have inside us -- that we were as the title of her book says "born to write. Check out her brand new book: The Book You Were Born to Write.

The conversation covers how Kelly's "shepherd fairy" duties - as both 1) shepherd helping carry the emotional load for authors  and 2) fairy godmother seeing the beauty and magic in each of our stories -- span into her personal life.  Kelly generously gave up over a year of her life to help shepherd her friend and partner through dying and death.  This is the article she mentions that began as a Facebook post and went viral: Self Magazine article "Doing Death Differently"

During the interview a major "aha" moment erupted in screams when it was discovered that it was an article by Kelly about the 25 publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts that got Bridget her publishing deal!  That article is no longer available via google search, but Kelly did say that you can sign up for kn Literary's email list and you will get it!

If you feel you have a book in you, this is a MUST LISTEN episode!

Don't forget Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World is now available for pre-order wherever you get your books.  And, please check out the videos now available of the fabulous talks that took place at Love Forward Talks event in Pasadena, CA on 11/11/18 at!


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