Susan Segal was driving her daughter to school one day when a city bus had to swerve into her BMW in order to miss a runaway truck.  Her daughter, Alyce, stepped out of the impossible wreckage and was miraculously unscathed. Susan required a laborious extrication from the vehicle and barely survived, having broken nearly every bone in her body, including her neck.  Today, she is the picture of health and her husband Doug Segal tells the story of how and why she is today a walking miracle in his book Struck: A Husband's Memoir of Trauma and Triumph (Prospect Park Books, September 2018)

You can guess it: they are Superheroes of Love.  The Segal family believes in the power of love, the unique love of friends, family and complete strangers in a time of crisis, and its ability to bring Susan through this healing saga that could have, at hundreds of points in time, taken a sharp turn toward a far darker end of this story.

You will hear from Doug, Susan and their son Michael, whose life was, of course, also struck by this tragedy-turned-miracle story of love.

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