The title for Jaime Alexis Stathis' book "Love is Always the Way Home" popped into her head one day, proving she is a natural born Superhero of Love (as we all are!) whose Super Hearing is honed. The proceeds of her book go to Together Rising and/or the Texas Civil Rights Project to help the kids at the border still separated from their families.

Jaime has a giant heart and a great break-up story that she wrote about in a blog post that went viral "Discovering My Boyfriend Has a Wife."

Find out about all that Together Rising suggests we do for the children at the border at Together Rising: Ways to Help Separated Families at Border

Find the blogpost that found its way onto Medium here: Jaime's Medium Article "Discovering My Boyfriend Has a Wife"

Jaime's blog: sorry i'm NOT WHO YOU THOUGHT i was 

Join her on Facebook at Jaime's Facebook Page  and buy her book now at Love is Always the Way Home!

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