April is Sarcoidosis Awareness Month.

This episode is designed to take care of the hearts of those who suffer - or have loved ones who are  suffering -- from this not very well known or understood disease. Many sarcoidosis sufferers will in fact never be properly diagnosed unless we continue to raise awareness.  Others have been misdiagnosed with other grave diseases, such as lymphoma, and may never know that they may indeed suffer with sarcoidosis.

Many 911 first responders have died from sarcoidosis.  But it isn't just a 911-related, New York based disease. Jan Casebolt lives in Los Angeles, and had been suffering for years with this debilitating disease.  She was set to fly to the Cleveland Clinic for heart surgery because sarcoidosis had ravaged every part of her body except her brain: her heart was in dire need of repair.  Luckily something had her say yes to an invitation to meet Master John Douglas, who is known for healing incurable diseases, and especially auto-immune disorders like this one. Jan received her miracle healing and the physical suffering was finally over. The miracles didn't stop there, though, so listen to this episode to hear all of her uplifting story.

You can read the peer-reviewed case study about her medical miracle at masterangels.org/research

If you or someone you know suffers with sarcoidosis, Jan welcomes emails at mysarcoidosismiracle@gmail.com.  You can also follow her Facebook page at My Sarcoidosis Miracle.

Listen to her story and share this episode wherever you can to help increase awareness of sarcoidosis, and also of the potential end of its terror on those who suffer with it.

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