T. Chick McClure used to be a man in a woman's body, but now he is skyrocketing through life as the man he always knew he was since transitioning. He gave an extraordinary talk about the journey that his relationship with his father has taken during this transition at Love Forward Talks on November 11, 2018.  The audio from that talk is featured at the end of our short catch-up conversation to discover how his life and art are on a rocket ship to higher and higher places every day in these five months. 
If you know someone struggling with their gender, or in any way confronted by the schism between who they are in the world and who they are in their hearts, you will want to share this with them.
Check out Chick's beautiful essay on this topic as well on Medium, his Photo Essay mentioned in this conversation and his Love Forward Talk, and his Instagram.  His website is TChickMcClure.com and if you know of a transgender person who could use some support, Chick welcomes those communications with a giant open heart.
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