When has it ever been more important to get women onto the Hill to remove the legislative male hands from our uteri? Never before.  And thank God Melanie Childers is on the case because she is empowering, clearing and firing up the hearts of women who are stepping into the political arena for the first time. 

She doesn't only coach women running for office but the power with which she does comes through this interview and into all of our hearts.  She helps us all imagine stepping into our CEO energy, or what we here call our Superhero of Love!

You can't help but feel empowered when in her presence.  

If you know a woman that you would like to run for office, PASS THIS ON TO HER!  

If you know a woman in Georgia (one of the 8 states to pass legislation set to harm Roe v. Wade) then definitely PASS THIS EPISODE ON TO HER because Melanie informs us that many of the races in Georgia are run unchecked.  There are no Dem contenders in many races.

If you know a woman who isn't quite feeling her power, PASS THIS ON TO HER, because this is a fire starter for all our hearts -- whether politically inclined or political-averse.

Find Melanie at theenlightenedbadass.com and on all social media as The Enlightened Badass.

We also mentioned the Yale program supporting women candidates: Women's Campaign School at Yale University





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