Connie Whitman is a communication and listening expert who gives many listening tips to help us open and soften our hearts. She helps open hearts in the business world with more than 36 years experience as a sales, service, coaching, training and development expert.  Her mission is  to help leaders build powerhouse organizations that change clients’ lives for the better.

Connie is also the Co-Founder of Wisdom De-Coded and you will hear her lead Bridget through their Communication Style Assessment.  You'll hear about your own communication style and that of those you love too!  

Check out Connie's podcast Enlightenment of Change. Learn more about working with Connie at

SPECIAL OFFER to Superhero of Love Podcast Listeners -- Connie is offering a free 15-minute laser coaching session, to review and deep dive their personal results, for any listeners who sends her an email by August 31st. Email her to schedule a free 15-minute session to

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