"We are allowed to hope."

Becca Stevens is a true Superhero of Love in the daily business of healing hearts.  She is an author of the book Love Heals. She is a priest in Nashville, Tennessee, but luckily she also regularly comes to All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA where Bridget met her. 

Over 20 years ago she started Thistle Farms, an international nonprofit organization to provide a sanctuary and healing for women survivors of prostitution, trafficking and addiction. She and her superhero work have been featured in the New York Times, PBS, ABC World News, NPR, and CNN. She leads with hope.  She leads with love.

Becca talks about why she started Thistle Farms, how she is committed to healing south of our borders with her Thistle Farms Global projects.  She talks about freedom and dance and how she follows the divine breadcrumbs to keep herself dancing. 

Find Becca and learn more about Thistle Farms.  Her sermon The Invitation to Freedom in Our Lives at All Saints Church Pasadena can be found here on YouTube.  
Becca wanted everyone to check out The Monkey Project, a wonderful Peruvian project that Thistle Farms is supporting and that she talks about in this interview as well.
Discover composer Jacob Narverud, whose song is featured at the end of the Podcast. Dance Your Dance was sung by the All Saints choir on November 10, 2019. An excerpt from Becca's sermon on that same date is featured as well.  Check out the words to Dance Your Dance:
Who knows why dolphins leap for joy?
Or eagles fly to the sun?
We should be light as the morning air
But who can tell us how?
Ask the wind
Ask the wave
Ask everything that flies or sings
Ask the moon
Ask the stars
Ask the brave one who fights for Love
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Our lungs were made for singing
Our legs were made to climb
Our arms will open wide enough to welcome the whole bright world
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Drop your worries to the floor
And kick them to the corner hard
Then march to the center of the space you have cleared
Grab hands and dance in joy
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Dance your dance
Dance your Dance in Joy




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