Reverend Ed Bacon, the author of 8 Habits of Love: Overcome Fear and Transform Your Life  is a source of nearly constant Superhero of Love inspiration.  He was featured on Episode #7 of this podcast, and will soon be appearing again with his beloved wife of 49 years, Hope Hendricks-Bacon who is a kick-ass inspiring woman making a difference with hearts far and wide as well.

This week Rev. Ed inspired at the memorial for our mutual friend, Adelaide Hixon, who died at 101 after leading an inspiring Superhero of Love life. (The photo of a butterfly I gave her during one visit that match her bedding.)  Their friendship inspired The Butterfly Love Effect.  



This is a very short episode that we hope will inspire the heck out of people to spread a little love by starting their wings a-fluttering and instigating the Butterfly Love Effect in their own lives.

You may want this little jpg bit of stationary when you are done listening to start your own Butterfly Love Effect!



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