Jan Casebolt Walsh is a walking, talking, breathing, dancing and living-in-joy medical miracle!  She would have been having heart surgery to try to extend her life that was being slowly compromised by Sarcoidosis (a disease that has plagued many first responders at 9/11) had she not had a medically documented miracle.



Listen in if you know anyone suffering from Sarcoidosis, the disease that ended up tragically cutting Bernie Mac's life short. 

Jan refers to the Oprah interview with Bernie Mac's widow -- Oprah Episode with Benie Mac's Widow as well as the video available of Master John Douglas Workshop from 2015 (which mentions Jan's Healing). You can read more about the book mentioned here: Medical Miracles Book.

Follow Jan at Jan's Facebook Page: Sarcoidosis Miracle

And, most importantly, we invite you to CLICK THIS: Free Global Healing with Master John Douglas (3/21/20 Recording).  As mentioned in the interview, every time you listen, you are helping not only yourself, receiving thousands of blessings, but you help the planet right now in this time of epic suffering.

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