Small businesses are being hit hard by this pandemic.  Meet two kick-ass giant-hearted small business owners, Elisa Bruley of Elisa B. and Jill Yukawa Pearson of Homage in Old Town Pasadena.  They share their stories, not unlike the stories of many passionate entrepreneurs who are hurting right now.  

A great discussion on what's behind these storefronts we all know and love, and some lovely wisdom on how we might be able to support our favorite stores during this difficult time.

Elisa and Jill are two giant-hearted store owners who give so much love and attention to their customers and to their community.  Here they are at the beginning of their careers - Elisa with her mom on the day her store opened on July 15, 1993, and Jill (on the left in this photo) as a child in her first foray into jewelry-making and sales!


Elisa_7_15_93.jpeg Jill_Jewelry_Childhood.jpg



Find Elisa B. at and on Instagram at @myelisab

Find Homage at and on Instagram at @homagepasadena





BONUS: That time when Elisa's husband, artist Robert Bonk ( interrupted the podcast with a hilarious photo-bomb:



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