Have you searched online for a "COVID Map" to give you the details on where your area stands in the pandemic?

Have you been getting more and more texts and emails with "deals" lately?

Have you -- or someone you know -- been "ZOOM Bombed"?

And, most importantly, are you wondering how you can protect yourself and help protect others during these extraordinary times?  

This episode's guest, Hemu Nigam, says we need to be more vigilant and proactive than ever. But he gives us plenty of tips and tools -- including his new app SYNDESY -- to help us navigate these extraordinary times.


Hemu is one of the top Cybersecurity & Privacy experts in the world who is often seen on CNN and other major news outlets as an expert in online security and privacy.  He was one of the country's first online crimes prosecutors against hackers and child predators at the U.S. Department of Justice. 

Hemu's company, Cyber Security Affairs, provides legal counsel and strategic advice on cutting edge online privacy and security issues. So, when Jody Savin came to him with the idea for an app that could help people feel more secure in the way they connect in the world, he was intrigued.  They started developing Syndesy -- their app that just launched this week -- and soon realized that it had a timely use in helping to control the spread of the coronavirus.  

We hope you will want to download Syndesy by the end of this podcast.  Find it at the Apple App Store.

Find out more about Syndesy at Syndesy.io.  

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