Will Crossley did amazing things with his education a The Piney Woods School. He went off to become a successful attorney and political appointee. He could have done anything with his education, gifts and experience but he was called back to his roots at Piney Woods to serve as its fifth president, the first alumnus to serve in this role.



He is following in the schools founder, Laurence C. Jones' footsteps as he leads with the school's core values including LOVE.  Yes, one of the school's core values is LOVE!

He is right now guiding the hearts and minds of his students from afar as they were quarantined while on spring break.  It is hard to not be inspired by Will Crossley because you can feel it in your bones when you listen to him that he truly does lead with love, and with an even deeper fervor perhaps now in the middle of this quarantine.

Prepare to be inspired by this giant heart!  




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