Jody Savin is an accomplished screenwriter and film producer who graduated from Princeton and the American Film Institute.  But two heart-holding projects plucked her from the entertainment industry into the world of apps and books.

She has created an amazing app with Cybersecurity & Privacy expert Hemu Nigam that can help us take care of ourselves and each other during this pandemic.  Hear how this app came about and how it can help us all in this conversation wtih Jody. 


You will also hear about her brand new book, Stitched & Sewn: The Life-Saving Art of Holocaust Survivor Trudie Strobel from Prospect Park Books which came out on April 7, 2020 about the life and art of Trudie Strobel who was interviewed in Episode 2 of this Superhero of Love Podcast!


Prospect Park Books is offering 20% off the price of the book with the CODE "FREE20," and they are delighted to send this directly to your home so you can stay safe and read about the beautiful story and art of beloved master embroiderer, Trudie Strobel.


Find out more about Syndesy at and download it today in the Apple App Store!

Photo Credit for Jody Savin's headshot: Ann Cutting

Photo Credit for Jody Savin and Trudie Strobel picture: Randy Miller

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