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Happy New Year episode made all the happier by this extraordinary woman, Nadia Salamanca, who has endured several dramatic tragedies in her life and yet you would never know it. She doesn't even appear to be singed by the fires -- including the burning down of her home and studio in the Thomas Fire in 2018.  She is a bright beautiful light and she inspires women far and wide with her work.

Find out more about Nadia and her Spark & Ignite It program at her site:

Click here to view the video that Nadia's husband, Mikki Willis, made that we refer to in the interview: What if Your Son Chose This?

Follow Nadia on Facebook and Instagram for more beautiful sparks of light!


It's that time of year when pictures of what life should look like -- for the holidays, in that life review that happens at year end -- comes crashing up against what life is.

One of the five superpowers in Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World is SUPER ALIGNMENT where our life supports our connection to the divine, to our highest self.

Check in to your own heart in this short episode celebrating SupervAlignment, as Bridget closes out this year of the podcast to go work on her Super Alignment and start 2020 with even more love in her heart.

Aimee Galicia Torres is in the business of telling stories through her documentary films. Usually she is telling the stories for the people who voices would otherwise not be heard.  Most often they are uplifting stories of people overcoming adversity.

On November 19th she found herself in front of the camera at a press conference, announcing that thanks to a new law in California, she can now sue the priest who molested her between the ages of 8 and 12.

Listen to this inspiring story because you don't know who you may help by listening as states are expanding the time within which one must report abuse. In October, California raised their statute of limitations to age 40.  Earlier this year, New York and New Jersey raised their statutes of limitations to 55. 

People can have a voice.  People can tell their stories, be heard, seek justice and further heal their hearts.  Aimee is a true Superhero of Love.  Find her on Instagram at @shotbyaimee.




Richard L. Sarnat, M.D. has a new book out!  So we are bringing back his interview from one year ago where he discusses his work, including publishing peer-reviewed medical studies of the miracles he has witnessed and studied. 

Find more about Dr. Rick and the book at Buy the book now at Amazon.






We lost a beautiful light and force on this planet last week.  Adelaide Finkbine Hixon was 101 when she passed and was nothing short of the Grande Dame of my Love League.  Since I was eleven years old, she has been a source of wisdom, laughter and a swift kick in the pants when I needed one.  She was an extraordinary philanthropist, who was passionate about early childhood education.  Adelaide's list of philanthropic credits is miles long, but I love the twinkle in her eye behind the writing program she started with her husband Alec at CalTech to help scientists convey their ideas to the rest of us folk.

In the photo above, as we waited for a play to begin about 4 years ago, she had just uttered this hilarious sentence "Opera is the television of the 1880's!"  

Here she is in her one and only visit when she came to my new home for lunch.  I had only very recently gotten settled here, but she was so excited for me she wanted to come as soon as I would have her.  She was my champion.



We shared a passion for flowers and butterflies.  I always brought flowers which she would inspect in great detail ("Is this from your garden?"  "What's this one here?) and deeply inhale their aroma as if she were ingesting their deliciousness. Whenever possible I would bring her a special butterfly find too.  This is one of the wind-up butterflies propelled by a tightly wound rubberband.  It delighted her so when it flew up high and then landed on her blanket.  I couldn't help snap a photo of its synchronistic lavender butterflied landing strip!


This podcast is a love letter to Adelaide with excerpts from Supehero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World that she inspired.

With love from Bridget...

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton were at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles on November 6, 2019 hosted by Book Soup as part of their book tour for The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.


Bridget casually recorded some snippets on her iphone and was moved to share them her.  She sought and received permission to share them in honor of these two Superhero of Love authors who celebrate over 100 Gutsy Women who also happen to be Superheroes of Love.  



Brilliant interviewer Maria Shriver led the conversation through heart territories that some had never heard about before, and led to Hillary giving some hints about another possible presidential run. 

Buy "The Book of Gutsy Women" Wherever You Get Your Books



One of the most often mentioned books in the Superhero of Love Podcast is the NY Times Bestseller (for three years!) The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  James talks about how his work has evolved since he first self-published the book that quickly went old-school viral as a "pass-along book." Today it is reaching a whole new audience including rappers Jay Z, P Diddy, Wyclef Jean who name it one of the books they live by, becoming again a book that isn't staying on bookstore shelves.



James talks about a new passion for enneagrams which you can explore further with James Redfield article "THE SECRETS OF THE ENNEAGRAM: KNOWING OURSELVES"

James will be in Los Angeles on 2/11/20 and Sedona on 4/11/20 on his Celestine Prophecy Tour

Read more about what James is up to and catch up with all things Celestine Prophecy and beyond at James' website:

Buy the NEW EDITION of The Celestine Prophecy wherever you get your books!







Yet another synchronicity comes into the Superhero of Love world. Bridget was watching a YouTube video and the next video that YouTube automatically played -- on a topic completely unrelated to the one she was watching! -- was on Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI's).  Bridget did an interview with Jerri earlier this year but visited her home for another quick conversation about synchronicity, love, making a difference in the world and TBI's.

EMMY winning director Jerri Sher's new movie, QUIET EXPLOSIONS, is inspired by Adam and Andrew Marr's book Tales from the Blast Factory and follows the stories of several people with traumatic brain injuries who are being helped by some medical miracles now available to TBI patients.

You can also check out the YouTube Version of this Interview

Find out more about Jerri's movie: Quiet Explosions

Anthony Guthmiller has been making a difference in this world since he was a tiny tot growing up in South Dakota and Minnesota.  For the past many years he has been making a difference in the Pasadena area, first as a guiding light at the AIDS Service Center in Pasadena.  Since then he has lent his magic Midas touch to fundraising and bringing light to many nonprofits including Thrive Tribe, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Cancer Support Community, American Cancer Society, Pasadena Fire Foundation, Leadership Pasadena, and more!  

He also is a true Superhero of Love, inspiring all he meets to love more.

He also helped Bridget with Love Forward Talks and inspired her (just after this interview was completed!) to join the fun in the upcoming fundraiser that Anthony himself invented for Leadership Pasadena: Setting the Table: The World of Conversation.  Join us on November 9th at the Pasadena Convention Center!

Andrea Pflaumer is the author of Shopping for the Real You: Ten Essential Steps to a Better Wardrobe for Every Women – Fashionistas, Fashion-phobes and the Over Fifty and She’s Got Good Jeans. She writes about fashion, style and the arts in the San Francisco Bay Area.



We talk about beauty inside and out -- how you can wear your beautiful heart on your beautiful sleeve in a way that makes you look and feel great.

Please visit her blog at Shopping for the Real You

Find a plethora of inspiring videos Andrea has made to help us all at Shopping for the Real You YouTube Channel


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